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Thread: Jakes Place & Season Results

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    Default Jakes Place & Season Results

    Laptimes and pointstables for last weekends event at Jakes Place are available at There's some corrections to the points published yesterday, affecting F503 & Novices

    The end of season points are available on the same site, click on '2011 season points' at the top right hand side of the page.

    The first of the video replays are now also available on the same page. Its of sundays racing with the stunning aerial shots from Jakes cherry picker, but unfortunately theres no background sound on the first few races (until I reacted to Wouters excellent feedback and turned the ambient mic on!)


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    Default Re: Jakes Place & Season Results

    Just been watching the replays and stunning work from camera crew, video director (yes we can hear you Chris) commentary, teamwork really paying off well done

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    Default Re: Jakes Place & Season Results

    love the cherry picker shots, really captures the essesnce of it all, crew are getting it together now, cameras following commentary - keep up the good work



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