Interesting news for those involved or interested in the Challenge to Youth project.
Hot on the heals of the 15 BHP, bored and stroked version for the GX390 industrial engine (which we ran in the Turnbull cadet craft at Jakes in sept and at the corporate event in Nov), is an even bigger 440cc engine rated at 18hp (max BHP specified for Youth event).
Engine design and layout remians the same, but costs a bit more. It's available from German distributors Wiltec GMBH through Ebay for 270 plus 99 postage. I'm sure a none electric start version would be cheaper to purchase and post (the 15 hp engine cost 27 postage from Wiltec in August), so i now have an answer to next years inevitable request from Adam for a more powerful engine for his hovercraft.
Also given the performance of the 15 BHP cadet in Nov this may make a single cylinder engined cadet style concept a viable proposition for a corporate craft.

seasons greatings from the Turnbulls