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    I posted on Tuesday night about fuel cut off valves ... it now appears to have been pulled..... why????


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    Because it was a commercial advert I should think. Don't know for sure as it wasn't me that deleted it and I didn't see it!

    Against the rules as shown in the welcome thread of the for sale forum here!
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    These I take it are what we should be aware of for this year and being brought into construction regs for next?? I'm sure some people won't know what or where to look for one! Some aspects of "rules" I think should be overlooked occasionally as in the long run it helps everyone out! Yes Keith is commercial when I saw the original post I didn't see it as an "advert" Thanks Keith for tracking some down!

    I am also sure that we will get to the end of the season and still quite a few that still won't know that their craft needs one for 1213

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