Explore the Tamar on Saturday and/or spend Sunday at a Historic Vehicle show demonstating your craft to the public on the fishing lake:

Saturdays cruising (7th July) will explore either the Tamar or Plymouth Sound. The weather will dictate which way it goes! the cruise will involve a mandatory pub lunch, again weather will dictate where it is!

Sunday's show (8 July) is a Historic vehicle rally; plenty of old cars, tractors, bikes... even Ice Cream on sale from a restored 1950's ice cream van. The hovercraft part consists of us (as many as can attend) playing silly bu... So and so's on the fishing lake. The odd appearance of a schwimmwagen (look it up) in the lake to give the hovers a rest. Lots of public to talk to, all in all a good day out.

If there is enough interest and several craft and owners want make a weekend of it. (you can do either event or both, your call) I will put on a BBQ saturday night, There is camping/camper space and a couple of rooms and sofa's at my place for those making a weekend of it.

This is not a club event and attendees will be responsable for there own actions and insurance. (the show has event insurance)

let me know asap if you want to do the Historic Vehicle show as i would like to get your hovercraft make/info and owners name in the show guide (info needed by June 7th.)