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Thread: The South East branch back in action!

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    Default The South East branch back in action!

    Thanks to all who attended last night's meeting. I thought there was an excellent buzz in the room, and with a decent spread of interest in both cruising and racing, we should be able to resurrect the SE branch into a busy and versatile branch.
    I've been asked by the HCGB Council to take on the role re-establishing the cruising side of the HCGB so it would be great if we can hold regular cruising events to get things started down here. Whilst Kent is 'our' patch, there's some great cruising to be had throughout Essex and East Anglia so I'll aim to organise some events there in due course as well.

    Much of the cruising side will be 'check the weather/tide, make the call/send the email to invite everyone...and go!' So keep your craft on the button and ready to go! On top of that we'll try to organise some overnight/weekend events.

    Other cruising type events I'd like to do are

    1. A self sufficient overnight camping trip (maybe launch Whitstable, camp over at Dargate Fort, back the day after?)
    2. A 'round-the-island' endurance race from Leysdown round the Isle of Sheppey.
    3. Look into the possibility of a one-off Coastal Race this year and maybe two or three events next year. I'll only push this one forward if it looks that it will get enough interest. Idea is basically to have a race on saturday morning, then a cruise, same thing sunday. This makes for an exciting cruise event with a difference.

    Medway, Blackwater, The Solent, Norfolk Coast are all great places to explore.

    As far as the inland race meeting idea is concerned, basically we need to find a venue before we can progress the idea any further. If you do know of any possible venues, then by all means approach the owners yourself to gauge interest, or alternatively pass as many details you can to Derek or myself. Once we have a venue or two as possibilites, we can start looking at the miriad of 'details.'

    So, there's loads we can do -

    Of course, all of this is only possible if I can get practical, hands-on support from club/branch members.

    We spoke about the possibility of the Hovercraft Museum being resited to the Pegwell Bay Hoverport site. It is very early days yet, but it could actually happen given the interest it's immediately got from Thanet Council, the trustees of the museum and the foreshore department. Just English Nature to win over but with the hoverpad stuffed full of asbestos (and consequently irremovable!) lets hope they see the benefits of protecting this valuable piece of British heritage. If it does come off, every bit of help and assistance will be essential...but imagine seeing that SRN4 hovering up the pad again!

    Heads up, the HCGB has negotiated a 100.00 insurance policy for cruisers. Cheapest available! So join up if you're not already a member!

    REMINDER : This Saturday 9am at the waterski club under the Sheppey bridge for a cruise up into the Thames. Please confirm if you're coming.

    Monthly meetings during summer seemed a well received idea - I'll drop a mail to confirm next meeting date and venue.

    Kind Regards, and thanks again.

    Russ Pullen.


    Russ Pullen
    t : 0044 (0)1304 619820
    m : 07584 996 552

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    Default Re: The South East branch back in action!

    It is great to see so much action.

    Well done Emma.(and Russ)

    Any event to play with a hovercraft is an excuse to put smiles on faces.

    The insurance details for club members recreational use of hovercraft are in the final stages.

    The Council are supporting Russ's drive to increase non-competitive hovercraft use in all areas.

    With the current level of enthusiasm and drive throughout the club, we can have some terrific fun days.

    Chris and the boys

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