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Thread: "The Rother" Thanks

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    G Nicholas Flint

    Cool "The Rother" Thanks

    Nick Flint (first joined about 43-45ys ago!) wishes to thank all over the Saturday. It was really good catching up with you ALL especially the advice upon what the **** to do with my 40BHP (lift!) Kohler being transposed to non speed control on my 18ft self design / build KingFisher! The lovely lady who sold me a sweat shirt has warmed up my cold bones, thank-you! The thrill on the grid as the seconds count down still has its desired effect on me!
    Special thanks to Rupert Baker, John Spedders for advices and Keith and Anita Oakley and Graham Nutt for remembering and taking time to chat to a "very old friend"!
    When I am a little closer to lift off I will send in for the Mag a small article upon the build with supporting pictures. Does anyone know how best to send an article in as I am a little "techie averse"? G Nicholas Flint

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    It is good to see faces from behind the name.

    There should be about 18 craft taking to the Trent during the Nottingham week. You are welcome to come along for any part of that week.

    Chris and the boys

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    If you send the magazine article to one of the addresses below, myself or Sarah (Co-Editor) will gladly appreciate your offering, and include in a forth coming magazine.

    Glad you enjoyed your weekend!!!

    Kind regards

    Darren Clarke

    Joint Editor and F50 - Team Nationwide Fire No.95

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