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    Hi We run a corporate/ familiy Hovercraft business www. and customers are always asking where can they buy a craft or do we know anyone with a second hand craft ,after they have been on ours for a session.
    So I thought we could set up a board in our reception for HCGB members to advertize if they have a craft for sale . if anyone is interested send me a mail and we can take it from there.

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    We are having the same problem with the guys using the 'little scrappers' in Novices. We need to establish a list of suitable craft for sale so that enthusiatic would be racers can easily lay their hands on good starter craft. There must but hunderds of suitable craft locked up in garages or ex racing craft laid up - If you have one of these ask yourself are you realy going to use it, if the answer is no then get it advertised on here.



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