anyone looking for a really good F5 (f503) craft?

today I was shown 3, one in need of some TLC but I am assured will be running when veiwed,

a second craft good 503 class craft , a third looks like a very very competitive built craft for full on racing.

all have done very low hours with unblemished hulls NO CRASH DAMAGE !!!!! - just some skirt damage here and there.

any of these would be perfect for a newcomer as a sorted craft ready to race. I have suggested to the owner that 2.5k will get 1 or 2, with about 3k for the racer one.

these can be viewed when at the big lake - and could be tried out - even bought, scrutineered and raced if you come on Friday and close a deal with the owner.

all 3 are on trailers as well! these might be bought for a very modest sum. one trailer can carry two craft. would not want to sell trailer without craft as I'd like to see these go to new members who will find this an easy way into it.

Pass the message onto any novices you are in contact with please.

let me know if interested in a PM and i can send photos (not very good as in a farm barn but you will get the idea)