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Thread: Light Hovercraft Magazine - June 2012

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    Default Light Hovercraft Magazine - June 2012

    To all our avid readers, club members and regular contributors, due to a variety of reasons, mainly time scales, or in fact the lack of time available, along with back to back race meetings, work, college and home pressures (and drying out wet racing equipment.....) we will unfortunately have to delay the release and issue of the June edition of the magazine until after The Big Lake Extravaganza.

    We were attempting to have the magazine delivered prior to the The Big Lake Extravaganza, but time has sadly conspired against.

    We can only apologise, but your patience will be greatly appreciated.


    Darren and Sarah

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    Default Re: Light Hovercraft Magazine - June 2012

    I completely understand!

    I haven't got time to read it before then anyway, too busy fixing!!

    Cheers dudes


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    You're doing a great job - we can wait!!
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