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Thread: Tags missing in action

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    Default Tags missing in action

    Unfortunately 17 of our ELS tags failed to return after their missions over the Big Lake last week. I know at least one went down in the lake but I suspect several are currently enjoying drying out in a nice warm garage somewhere. Some of the missing were last seen on the following craft: 147, 33, 205, 64, 40, 1, & 56 but several have left no trace. Can you check your craft and pm me please? Please bring them along to the next meeting for repair & recharge.

    We are also low on stocks of the metal mounting plates the tags slide into. If you have any unused plates at home please pm me.


    Keith Oakley

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    Default Re: Tags missing in action

    If i remember rightly we lost three at the first weekend of the nationals!
    I think one came off Dan Turnbulls craft when the blades went, possibly one off Rhi Blacks craft, and possibly one off Ruper Bakers old craft that was out in novices - sorry cant remember who bought it!
    Good luck tracking down the others!

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