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Thread: Spairs or repairs for racing hovercraft

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    Default Spairs or repairs for racing hovercraft

    The craft has gone and these are the spares i have for sale,

    tzr 250 radiators x 2,,, vfr 400 radiator x 1,,, engine kill switches x 1 ,,,reed valves for tzr250 ,,,

    kr1s end cans (oldones) x2 ,,,water pump ,,,,, 20 ltrs jerry cans x5 ,,, one can has got 9L of avgas and 500ml of oil ready for petrol to be added

    ,, belt tensioner & 30 tooth belt drive ,,,,, thrust blades x3,,,,, new thrust belt 1440 8mp ,,,,thrust bush 32 flexible coupling ,,,,

    tzr 250 power valve motors x3 ,,,,,, tzr 250 head (skimmed)

    ,,,,,long ht leads ,,,,tzr250 race tuned engine (barrels need re/lining) ,,,, tzr250 head
    gaskets plus rd 500 head gaskets ,,,,selection of water pipes ,,,,drag flap ,,,,(new n used) selection of skirts x 38 and x1 under craft bag tube skirt ,,,,,1bag of p clips ,,,,

    1 bag of duct clips ,,,, magnetto puller ,,,, lift fans x2, one is 9 bladed adjustable pitch hub and the other is 10 bladed fixed pitch with 35' blades

    if interested contact chris on

    0115 8770197

    and no later than 9pm
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