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Thread: World Chapionship 2012

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    Default World Chapionship 2012

    I have found the following for those that are traveling to Germany. The company will do the following for 16.00

    • 1 X NF approved French breathalyser TWIN PACK.
    • 1 x Eurolites headlamp beam deflectors with latest instructions.
    • 1 x GB sticker black and white.
    • 1 x Hi Visibility vest universal fit
    • 1 x EU approved warning triangle
    Anyone wanting the above let me know and I can get it ordered and deliver it to Gang Warrily


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    Default Re: World Chapionship 2012

    if bernie's going youd better get him a six pack breathalyser kit LOL

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    Default Re: World Chapionship 2012

    May be of interest, the french police will not be inforcing the law until the first of november as the main supplier in france of breathalisers is out of stock.

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    Default Re: World Chapionship 2012

    This from the AA website:

    On 1 March 2012 the French government confirmed that from 1 July 2012 drivers of all motor vehicles and motorcycles (excluding mopeds) must carry a breathalyser.
    The regulation will be enforced from 1 November 2012 and anyone stopped after that date who fails to produce a breathalyser when requested will receive an on the spot fine of 11.
    The official announcement states that one unused, certified breathalyser must be produced showing the French certification mark NF. Carrying two single-use breathalysers will ensure that if one is used or damaged, you will still have a spare to produce.
    The breathalyser produced has to be in date - single-use breathalysers normally have a validity of twelve months.
    I'r Gad!

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