Alex,your craft is a simple experimental craft. It will never be truly practical for racing, cruising or pleasure on anything other than a football pitch or carpark, so keep it simple and learn from it. Forget about a contact strip on the bag and do NOT try using both fans together in an integrated setup, it simply would not work. Each fan would produce slightly different pressure leading to one passing air back through the other lowering both fans performance.

Read the articles on the downloads page of this site, they may help your understanding of the principles. carry on as you are going. Once you have lowered the cushion pressure and you have adjusted the balance with the load on board I am sure you will have some success. Balance is important. with the driver on board the balance point should be at the centre or just forward of the centre of the cushion. This will make it slightly rear heavy which will compensate for the thrust and stop the nose being pushed down under power. Don't over-do it, you will not have a lot of thrust.

Again, if your fans are Aluminium, consider changing them for the Nylon type. Aluminium fans can be lethal if they break.

Good luck and have fun.

Paul Fitz