I bought these fans at the start of the summer for a small h/c project that I discussed on this forum. We had a fair bit of success at making our craft hover, but it's now the end of the summer and I'm going off to start a PhD so don't really have a place for these fans in my life.

This fan was designed for PPV (positive pressure ventilation) a technique used by fire brigades to control the airflow in burning buildings. It's the bees-knees; retail price is $2,750, so grab yourself a bargain!

These fans are also commonly used for inflating hot air balloons, but can be used for any ventilation purpose. Alternatively, you could buy it for the 6.5 hp Honda GX200 OHV engine starts first time.

Engine 6.5 hp Honda GX200 engine
CFM (Cubic feet per minute) 17,743
RPM 3125
Width 25''
Depth 22''
Height 26.25''
Weight 93 lbs

Two of the fans have cast fans, one has a set of nylon blades.

Fill information is at http://www.tempest-edge.com/blowers/beltd.cfm.

Collection in person from NE42 desired, but if you're not local let me know and I may be able to sort something out. I know people who spend a bit of time trekking around the country so could possibly work something out.

On sale for 120 a fan, but I'm prepared to negotiate especially if you take all 3.