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    KM Eagle 4, four seat on factory trailer, originally built by KM products. It was extensively refurbished and refitted in 2011 its well sorted out and running spot on. Rotax 582 DCDI with oil injection, recent de-coke and service. 9 blade fan. Icom Marine VHF with integrated 4 place waterproof marine intercom, remote PTT, nav lights and beacon.

    As it is currently configured its somewhere between a racing and cruising craft. Its fast and manoeuvrable for its size, though the 2 stroke and only a 25ltr fuel tank mean it’s a bit limited on range for true cruising, but it’s great fun as a multi seat family day out ‘point and squirt’ thing. Been on the Loch Fyne, Severn, and Portmierion events this year. Does have a fuel line quick disconnect for easy/quick addition of an outboard motor tank to add fuel capacity and range when needed. Layout is centre seat with handlebar controls, rear removable passengers bench seat. Looking for £7995. PM for more details.

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    I saw this craft at Loch Fyne this year and it is a very well maintained craft.

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