Iíd like to pass on my gratitude to southern branch forhonouring me with the Tony Vindall Memorial Trophy. This came as a very unexpected and welcomeaccolade and I both express my thanks to those who were kind enough to think ofme, and also to Kristina and our wider family who very much support me and whatwe try to achieve.

I am only sorry Icouldnít be there to accept it but as many know I am (well on the way to) recoveringfrom surgery. Fawley was just to far for me to travel at that time.

Many people do many things for HCGB and for the most part thosepeople donít get the pat on the back they all deserve, and in fairness thereare many others equally if not more deserving of this award than I.

So in accepting it Ioffer out my own vote of thanks and gratitude to all the members who give alittle or a lot to make what we do generally (weather excepted) a very pleasantexperience in a spirit of camaraderie.

Kristina and I wish all a happy winter season and we look forward to 2013 and getting backto racing.

With my kindest regards especially to all in southern branch

Keith Rhodes.