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Thread: South East branch Plans for Next Year

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    Default South East branch Plans for Next Year

    Hi All

    With some plans made last night at the SE Branch Meeting, we now have a little direction over the coming months. Lots of ideas an plans here, but they'll crystalize over winter and we should have some great events in the South East for next year.

    Medway Mud Challenge

    One of our members is likely to be able to secure us a spectacular location in the Medway for a mud r*** next year. It's a tidal area which I'm familiar with and provides all the features for a thrilling one hour 'endurance challenge' - a fast tide, gulleys and saltings. Whilst permission will need to be forthcoming and tides checked, a quick head count seems to indicate we should be able to exceed 10 entries even at this early stage, so we're going to presume for the best and we will be running at least one r*** next year on the back of a cruising event. We'll confirm a date as soon as possible, fairly early in the season, probably May time, so that if it's well supported, we have time to potentially squeeze in another event or two. Over winter I'll draw up some regs but if you refer to the HC133 document you'll be okay to take part - and there will only be two classes to keep it simple and fun. Get building/buying!

    Thames Raid

    We knocked the 'Circuit of Sheppey' idea on the head for now in preference to a Stage Rally event to be held on the Thames. This will be approximately 40 miles of 'fast cruising' starting near the estuary and heading up river - structured into four stages to ensure we don't end up with craft scattered everywhere. Fuel dump provided at the end of second stage and we'll have a RIB safety boat. This is a route we've done a couple of times previously and whilst it's still weather dependant, it's safe and fun.

    Cruising over winter.

    This summer, the idea of fixed dates worked well, allowing folks to organise their diaries - and only the October one was cancelled due to poor weather. Some really good, fun cruises, mainly centred on the Swale/Medway/Thames down here in the South-East, with plans to run events in other areas still progressing. Now - us badass cruisers press on through the winter unlike the soft inland crowd, ;-) We don't pack up just because it gets a bit cold but of course, the weather makes reliable planning more difficult. So what we decided was to grab days when the tide & weather look favourable which means that you're likely to get an email Wednesday/Thursday with a proposed cruise for the weekend. If you want to keep up to date with planned events, please make sure you drop me a line to russ(at) and we'll keep the momentum going throughout the year.

    Inland meeting

    We're really struggling to find a suitable inland race site down here in the overcrowded South-East - nearly everything is wasted on fishermen or windsurfers! We do have one or two possibilities to explore but with time pressing on, unless we find somewhere quickly, we won't be able to organise anything for 2013. However, we may be able to find a possible site and organise a hover-in, where we can assess a site for suitability for a race meeting in 2014. So - any leads or ideas on possible sites in Kent/Surrey, please let me know and I'll aim to pick up on it and make some investigations.

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    Default Re: South East branch Plans for Next Year

    Exciting times.

    Keep up the great work.


    Chris and the boys

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    Default Re: South East branch Plans for Next Year

    Great to see mud racing return to the schedule. Its a great format that gets to the heart of what a hovercraft can do, that links racing and cruising and just about everyone gets a ride in a craft. As its over mud/sheltered water it should be suitable for the more adventurous inland racer as well as the dedicated cruiser.

    Here's a pic of Race Control from a race in the mid 80's courtesy of Martin Dougall. It was based on an island about a mile 'offshore' in the middle of the Medway mudflats and 4 seater craft like my 'Spirit of Snodland' (twin ducted craft in centre of pic) were used to ferry marshalls and lapscorers etc out to it. This time around my challenge will be how to do live tv coverage....


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