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Thread: our little village church

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    Default our little village church

    Here in the tiny village of Thurgarton we just have one old church.
    We have volunteers who do repairs now and again.

    One local guy Jim, is a cheapscate painter, he thins his paint down to make it go further and he volunteered to repaint the church.

    So off he went, up to his old tricks but this time he got caught out as just as he was finishing off the heavens opened and the downpour just washed the thinned out paint straight off.
    Jim knew the game was up, he knew that god almighty had caught him at it, so he decided to repent.

    He went down on one knee and said "Oh god, Oh god, forgive me - what should I do?"
    and from through the rain and thunder came a booming voice -


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    Default Re: our little village church

    I'r Gad!


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