For those of you who have read the regulations for 2013,(you were advised of this change this time last year), you will have spotted the requirement for fuel tank vents to be leak proof in the event of a rollover situation. This rule change bring us into line with almost all other motorsport activities, MSA bought their rule change in last year.

At Vortex we have been fitting these vents for a number of years on our commercial craft and have tried a good many of the ones that are on the market. Key things to look at, even if you don’t buy from us!!!! :-

  • Don’t use cheap Chinese plastic version, the ‘rubber type’ seal that the ball seals against, softens and expands. This stops the ball from being able to move and so does not let air into the tank !!!

  • You will see some for sale that are just a rolled piece of thin copper tube, sometimes called a pigs tale, these can work but are unreliable and difficult to prove that your one works, without rolling craft over…

  • Demon Tweeks sell some very good FIA approved units for around £35 + these are simple CNC billet machined units, pretty anodised aluminium with FIA approved on them!!!

  • Last year we sourced some units that are CNC billet machine, threaded together (so you can take them apart for cleaning etc) these have nitrile seals inside, excellent quality …. And they last. They are approved for motorsport by the UK MSA and the German ADAC.

Those of you who are using old style standard marine fuel tanks which have a vent as part of the cap will have a problem meeting HCGB or any other fuel regulations. Some of the newer tanks have an extra threaded hole that can be used to attach an approved vent to.

I will be at the AGM hotel on the Friday for a meeting, but with regret a previous business meeting scheduled for the Saturday, means I will not be at the AGM. However, if you want to collect any parts at the AGM, I can take them up on the Friday, and you can collect them from Jamie. Please phone by Wednesday evening so I can get the parts sorted. Mobile phone doesn’t work at the new factory, new landline number is 01458 274807

SPECIAL OFFER VORTEX fuel tank vents £7-50p if collect at the AGM or £8-00p including postage. We have 30 at this price, 6mm or 8mm pipe ends.


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