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Thread: Ladies Driving Challenge, Alconbury

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    Default Ladies Driving Challenge, Alconbury

    This has been sent into the club.

    Please contact them directly if you can help?

    Dear Granville

    Andy has asked me to get in touch to see if you are able to support our wonderful ‘Ladies Driving Challenge’ on 12 May 21013 at Alconbury Airfield.

    He thought you might perhaps want a bit more information, so do let me know if you do.

    We are FULL on our event now with 200 ladies taking part and are expecting to raise at least £20,000 for The Fire Fighters Charity, which supports injured fire service personnel and their families.

    If you would be able to bring a Hovercraft or 2 and instructor/s on the day, we would be able to return the favour by including any promotional materials you have such as leaflets / brochures / pens / keyrings etc in our Goody Bags to all of the 200 participants and our 100 volunteers. We will also be able to include your company name in the press release which goes out regionally, to thank you for your support.

    We would provide food and other refreshments throughout the day for your instructors and they also receive a FREE goody bag for offering their time.

    If you do feel you are able to assist, please do get in touch.

    Kind regards.

    Laura Harden
    Regional Fundraising Officer
    The Fire Fighters Charity

    Mob: +44 (0) 7798 725560
    Tel: +44 (0)1476 567750
    Fax: +44 (0) 1256 366599
    Chris and the boys

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    Default Re: Ladies Driving Challenge, Alconbury

    i think me and dad were going to help, it looked like a fun weekend! need to check though...

    if anyone else is thinking of helping let me know, dont want too meny of us heading down!

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