Site address and information for Hacketts Lake (search for Hacketts Fisheries on the internet).

Hackett Lakes/Fisheries
Adbolton Lane,
Holme PierrePont,
NG12 2LD

Anyone unsure or uncertain, aim for the National Watersports Centre on Adboulton Lane, keep following the main road past the Watersports Centre, then a camp site on the right, past Blotts Country Club on the left. The road starts to get a little tight (possible single file for campers etc...). As you progress the main road goes through a section where the high trees join above you, and it becomes a little dark - WATCH OUT FOR THE THREE SPEED HUMPS - which can be a little severe. A couple of hundred yards down the road you will see a crossroads, on the right is a sign post to Hackett Fisheries, turn here. For those whom haven't been or can't remember, this right turn is around 315 degrees back on it's self, so long loads beware!! There will be signposts etc...

As with all our venues please mind your speed on David's land and we look forward to seeing you arriving safely on Thursday/Friday and beyond!!

If anyone is arriving late please PM me or contact me ASAP to make arrangements as we will be locking the gate at midnight!!!! Late entry can be arranged in advance!!!

Any issues PM me on here and I'll try to help!!!


Darren - Team Nationwide Fire