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Thread: European Round 8th/9th June

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    Default European Round 8th/9th June

    Having traveled with Ian, Steff and Leah, it was great to see so many of the club at Grez-Neuville.

    Despite severe engine problems with Leah's craft it was a really great weekend and I can thoroughly recommend other club members attending European rounds. The overall atmosphere of friendship is almost tangible off the track but the competition is fierce on it.

    I did not race but lent a hand mending hovercraft from England, Germany, Italy and Sweden and had a really great time.

    Combining travel arrangements with other club members radically reduces the cost of a European weekend. Get planning for the next one.

    Chris and the boys

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    Default Re: European Round 8th/9th June

    Great to have you there and the help! Hope you make it to Prudhomat which in my book is one of the best courses ever!!!

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    Default Re: European Round 8th/9th June

    We are hoping to make it to Prudomat and Stockholm and will potentially have at least space in the van for one or two passengers, potentially space for a craft as well, if anyone is interested in coming along then let me know, pm me a number and we can talk, might make it easier to bear the cost!

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