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    This year the 'Info' wifi service has been making laptimes, pointstables, grid positions and live lapcharts available to your smartphone, ipad, pc etc in the paddock. I gather it's been quite well received but sensibly some folk don't carry a smartphone whilst racing so for them a paper output pinned to race control has been the only way. At Towcester I will be testing an alternative, the Info Terminal - a waterproof touch sensitive electronic display screen on the 'office' window of race control, available 24/7.

    When we bought the current race control van a few years ago the plan was for an lcd results screen with its own window on the middle of the 'office' side of the van. However preliminary tests showed it was difficult to see the screen in bright sunlight and the power requirements for this screen and controlling pc were high when the generator wasn't running. Technology has moved on and earlier this summer cheap e-ink displays became available which are brilliant in bright sunlight and consume little power (eg the Kindle, Nook etc). I've reprogrammed one for tests at Towcester. The downside is the screen is 6 inches not 22, so like me you'll need your glasses, and my software still has some bugs so the Towcester test will probably be on the side of my motorcaravan next to the paddock, so I can help users.

    If this works, and the grid marshalls also use electronic means to get gridcharts, we will be well on our way to the longterm ambition of no onsite paper printing.

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    Hovercraft Club Technology advances with Keith's fantastic work.


    Chris and the boys

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    Sounds awesome!


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    Well done, Keith, giving the Gridettes electronic grid charts will save us LOTS of pens!!
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