Hi All

The September Mersey cruise was a great success and my thanks to Danny for organising it - in the event I just couldn't be there but there were 6 craft there for the weekend and I've heard some glowing reports. There may not be much chatter on this forum about cruising, but it's great to see that the club contains lots of active cruisers who are out there actually *using* their craft!

So - October is upon us and after some emails etc I've decided to move the planned Medway/Swale cruise to the weekend of 26th/27th.

Plan is to launch at the waterski club late morning and have a cruise up the river (final plans dependent on weather) then a bbq, a few beers and an overnight stop on Darnet Fort.

Be great to get as many folks as possible out for this one as the good weathers coming to an end and future winter events will become a bit more spontaneous based on the weather!

Get in touch if you'd like to know more.


Russ russATflyingfishhovercraft.co.uk