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Thread: CANCELLED - 2014 World Hovercraft Championships, Germany

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    Default CANCELLED - 2014 World Hovercraft Championships, Germany

    Please read below for reasons given by Tony Drake for WHC cancellation for 2014:

    Taken directly from WHF website:



    I refer to my recent note concerning the cancellation of our World Championships in Germany next year and, as promised, write to give you some more detail. I am sorry that it is rather long but I think it is important that you have all the facts and current position.

    As of week commencing 21st October the Hoverclub of Germany and BGS Sport Event had everything in place in principle for our World Championships. This included agreement with sponsors, site owners and the Local Government.

    Part of the agreement with the Local Government included a detailed submission of in depth calculations regarding predicated noise impact on the local community These calculations indicated that the noise levels would be acceptable. A few days before the Local Government were to give their written permit for our Championships a local resident registered an objection on the grounds of noise impact from hovercraft racing. Although the German Hoverclub and BGS Sport Event are convinced that this objection will eventually be rejected by the Local Government there is no guarantee this would be the case. The issue is further compounded by the fact that the Local German Authority has coincidently been dissolved and re-appointed and it will be sometime before their new organisation is fully in place and able to investigate issues around the local resident’s noise objection. Without a formal written permit from the Local Government it is unsafe to proceed simply because of the financial loss that would follow if essential contracts
    that must to be put in place now have to be cancelled if the noise objection is subsequently up held.

    As I stated in my previous note this situation is in no way the fault of the German Hoverclub or BGS Sport Event. They both put in a tremendous effort and a huge number of hours into organising a World Hovercraft Championship in 2014 for us and I can assure you they are just as disappointed as we are that they have had to, very understandably, withdraw their bid.

    So where do we go from here? As previously indicated we are talking with others to hopefully put a rescue package forward for a Championship in 2014. If this happens it will immediately be put before the WHF Governing Board for a decision. (I can assure you any such rescue package will be heavily supported by the Hoverclub of Germany, BGS Sport Event, and Clubs, marshals and officials from around the world). If we are unable to find a host for our Championships in 2014 in the very near future we will have to postpone the Championships until 2015 by which time Germany assure me they will have everything formally in place to renew their offer. In the event we do have a World Championship in 2014 the German Hovercraft Club and BGS Sport Event have indicated that they are prepared to hold a Championship for us in 2016.

    What can be learnt from this is that while we have always, particularly in Europe, been conscious of noise impact and environmental issues it is now becoming a very, very major issue. All European countries are covered by the same EU regulations but it seems that Germany is at the forefront of their application. I suspect that the EU regulations are being “tested” in Germany and other member countries will be forced to follow closely soon. Gone are the days of only a simple noise meter analysis. I have seen, first hand, the very detailed and complex noise calculations and submissions that the Hoverclub of Germany had to complete. The cost of these would be very high indeed if it were not for the fact they are very fortunate in having Michael Rausch, a highly qualified and respected professional working in this field, who is willing to do this for little or no charge on their behalf ~ others may not be so fortunate!

    Your WHF Secretary and I were on the verge of sending out our next WHF Bulletin 34 but have decided to withhold this until we have more definite information about our next I hope the above answers any questions my original note may have generated in your mind and will do my best to keep you informed as events develop or not as that case may be. I am quite happy for you to share these notes with others as you see fit.

    Kind regards, Tony M Drake, JP. WHF President.

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    Default Re: CANCELLED - 2014 World Hovercraft Championships, Germany

    Just double posted on this in the Racing forum....
    I am experiencing problems with notifications from the HCGB forum & was not aware of this update.
    Conrad Beale

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