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I'm starting to add in cruising events for the 2014 diary. I've added a number of Medway/Swale/SE events as they're the simplest for me to organise, are usually well attended and we have good launching/secure parking etc. Plus, unless the weather really dire, as the Swale is pretty tame and well protected, we can usually get some type of hovering in and rarely have to cancel. And you could spend years exploring without getting bored!

These dates are the bones of the season - but I reserve the right to shift/postpone/add dates and relocate events in accordance with bad weather or the opportunity to run the event somewhere more interesting! I'd rather shift a date to ensure a good event and attendance.

I've got a few feelers out at the moment for some different events and venues, but its important we have something in the diary - theres likely to be several more added as we go.

There's over a dozen active cruisers in the south east now, we really have a momentum going and numbers are constantly increasing. I'm 90% sure we'll have a Morecombe Bay cruise but if anyone has ideas on venues or events, please let me know and I'll happily diarise it.

Saturday March 8th
Season opener! Medway/Swale. Launch Long Reach Ski Club. Might run again sunday if attendance/weather ancourage us.
Tides : 1050am - L / 1700 H

April 12th/13th
Medway / Swale Launch Long Reach Ski Club
1040 H
1645 L

May 17th/18th
2 Day Cruise and Overnight Camp on Darnet Fort. Launch saturday, go for a cruise, camp overnight in a spooky Napoleonic Fort on an island in the middle of the Medway. Bring a bow or rod to catch or kill your own dinner and beer. Or bring burgers - its up to you. Squeel Piggy!
17th 0800 L
1820 L
18th 0225 H
0830 L

June 14th / 15th
Plans in abeyance until confirmation/location of possible hover-in.

July 5th/6th
Medway / Swale, might include a sunday run from Swale to Thanet and provide a ride back to collect cars/trailers.
5th 1100 L
1700 H
6th 1200 L
1800 H

Wednesday August 20th? (Date not confirmed yet but will be an August Wednesday and its usually this one) - A mid-week pose, playaround and cruise around thanet, launching in teh River Stour at Sandwich and crusing round to Birchington with a stop at Broadstairs to take in the Water gala events.

August 23rd/25th - Gang Warily Race meeting / Solent cruise. Camping at Fawley/Gang Warily for the weekend with the racy crowd, then off cruising during the day.

September 13th / 14th
Liverpool Sailing Club
We've been invited back for a second visit to the Mersey, great campsite, loads of mud and an informal dinner on saturday night.

For more details, ideas or questions, please mail me russ - at - flyingfishhovercraft.co.uk and forward this onto anyone you know who may be interested. Lets make 2014 a busy cruising year.Click image for larger version. 

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