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    Default Hull Weights

    Could someone please tell me how heavy a typical F3 bare hull is, without the duct. And what would be an exceptionally light weight target? What weight is an F1 hull down to?

    Many thanks.

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    There is probably no such thing as a typical hovercraft - everyone says there is no such thing as a standard hovercraft part. They are almost all one-off's and everyone seems to exaggerate the facts and figures to a degree. I know that when we took delivery of our first Venom hull it weighed 54kg - this included top & bottom mouldings, duct, bouyancy and aluminium edge trim. It wasn't built for lightness, but for durability - 4 seasons use and 2 years of podium places for my daughter Sarah, and it is still in good condition but getting a bit tired in places from crashes and knocks. For a F50 specification craft it is fairly typical with a complete all-up weight of about 135-140kg, a complete competitive F3 could easily be under 90kg.

    I've heard claims of lightweight bare hulls under 20kg, but never built one that light myself. I've also seen new ultra lightweight craft disintegrate in their first crash. As far as the weight of F1 craft goes, I cannot give any facts or figures, except to observe that I built two craft from F1 hulls with my sons, one was used in F3 very successfully, the other in F2. The weight wasn't noticeably detrimental to the smaller engined craft.

    If the craft is too light it can be more difficult to control and too flighty, a bit of weight can sometimes be useful especially in windy conditions.


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    Default Re: Hull Weights

    Thanks, Kevin. Just what I needed. Much appreciated.


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