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    I here there is another big debate going on........facetube again????

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    whats it about this time?

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    There is only small posts. any big one i will copy across for you....
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    Unfortunately this forum discourages people to use it because of its issues - I imagine once the new site is in action, it may get more use. At least Facebook is a form of communication where information can be shared, you have the choice to use it, like others have the choice to use this. It will never please everyone all of the time.

    If you look at the front page, it does not even record any comments other than Wayne's start of thread so it really doesn't help itself...which I believe is being addressed by a new board - but this is why it's not being used. When I submitted my reply it said I had a database error so it was unclear even if my post had posted..... If it hadn't I wouldn't have bothered a 2nd time.....


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