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Thread: TS3 for Sale

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    I'm disappointed because I was really looking forward to working with you and your son on noise issues after the preliminary work we did before Christmas. Glad to hear your dissatisfaction is not with the HCGB. We try to be friendly and positive but to be honest most of us physically meet every few weeks at a race meeting or cruise event during the summer and that makes a lot of difference to the communal spirit. Having you isolated in Scotland makes it difficult. Is it not possible to ignore the flak from elsewhere, get on with enjoying your hovering in the fabulous area you're in and get down south occasionally for a bit of team bonding? Maybe one day we'll get up to support you up there.

    It seems a shame to waste all the effort you've put in, and you do have a good craft - why not just enjoy using it.


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    I'll second what Keith said! time to get out and enjoy a fabulous machine in a great area. Ignore the negatives from elsewhere. I'm sure that you have enough experience to know what you are doing in a safe manner anyway... Cracking craft

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