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Thread: Engine Mounts

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    Default Engine Mounts

    Hey up,

    I am looking to mount my lift engine but first I need to know where I can get some resilient/shock/anti-vibe. mounts from.
    I've searched the internet for them under every possible name I can think of calling them.
    Nobody seems to be able to supply small versions of them.

    I went to the local motorfactors today, hoping that they could simply look up the dimensions of the ones used in small cars such Leyland Mini or Reliant Robin. But the catalogue does not supply dims.
    Just which model year it is going to fit and with which engine.

    What do other people use?
    I know most motorbikes use the engine as a stressed member, maybe some old bikes use mounts and somebody could give me a make/model to give a parts supplier.

    What do you guys do?


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    Default Re: Engine Mounts

    If fan is mounted directly onto engine crank shaft I Personally I would mount the lift engine solidly rather than on rubber mounts. Otherwise what could happen is that the fan could strike the lift duct and suddenly you have some major repairs to make to the craft and possibly occupants on the craft.

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    Default Re: Engine Mounts

    Some of the resonance from the engine will be directly transferred to the body of the craft if it is a totally solid mount.

    Keith has just confirmed this in his recent noise experiments.

    It will be quieter with rubber mounts but you may have to make a small allowance on tip clearance.

    Go along the the Southern branch meeting and talk to some of the hovercraft members there.

    Contact Kevin Foster to find out when and where.

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    Chris and the boys

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    Default Re: Engine Mounts

    As Chris says hard mounting does cause noise resonance to be transferred to the hull but high fan tip clearance is also a noise source so you loose either way. A racing craft has plenty of other high noise sources and is subject to a lot of shock loads so I'd either hard mount it or use some extremely stiff rubber mounts. (Shore rating higher than 60 maybe?)


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    Default Re: Engine Mounts

    Hi Aron,

    I use these mounts when mounting my weslake lift engine i usually get the tip clearance between 3-5mm


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