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Thread: Hoping the club is still going strong

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    Default Hoping the club is still going strong

    After a gap of 20 years I've finally rejoined the hoverclub today. Having read about the plans for the 2016 event and worlds I thought I'd have a crack at racing again if I can buy a competitive F2 craft. I'll be coming to gang warily and look forward to seeing some exciting racing and meeting a few old faces.

    What does worry me is that having rejoined I now see that there is no longer a club magazine and there seems to be a lot of concern over lack of support and the direction of the club. I've always tried to follow the forums and facebook and watch all the meetings via the excellent live streaming. My question is should I be concerned, or is there still a strong core to the club?

    Looking forward to catching up after many years!

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    Default Re: Hoping the club is still going strong


    Welcome back! I'm glad you enjoy the livestreaming. We've been doing that for 7 years now and this season we're doing a major technical upgrade to improve things, so we are suffering teething bugs - as is common with new kit.

    I think the club is still as strong as it's ever been over its near 50 year history, certainly membership numbers were at a record high at the time of the last AGM. We've had about 20% lower craft turnout at the first 4 events but Towcester last weekend was back up to about 60 craft. It's not uncommon to have a dip in the year before a Worlds, people take a break.

    Over the years we've always had difficulty finding enough motivated volunteers to do the organising jobs in this club, and right now the magazine is a casualty of that. I can remember similar magazine challenges in the '60s which is one reason why you won't find many '60s mags in the clubs online archive. But I'm sure an electronic version will soon appear.

    The rise of social media brings new challenges, as it does to any organisation, and the interworking of social media and this website for example is something people are working on. But hey the move from Gstetner to photocopying in the dim and distant past was just as challenging!

    Look forward to seeing you at Gang Warily. By the way what craft did you have way back when?


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    Default Re: Hoping the club is still going strong

    Thanks Keith,

    Good to hear, and I'm looking forward to getting involved in the club again. Last time I raced was an ex robin briccles F2 meteor with a rotax 503, but started out in juniors back in 1982!

    I'll hopefully see you at Gang Warily,

    Best wishes,
    Paul Tarplee.

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