Hi all out there in hover land!!

I have access to a limited number of Hirth F36 engines (this is the same as the Solo 210). Specifications are:-

  • 208cc
  • Diaphragm carb with air filter
  • Standard exhaust / muffler
  • CDI ignition
  • 15hp @ 6000rpm
  • 13hp @ 5000rpm
  • 9.4kg weight

Ideal F2 lift engine also suitable for other formulae, will be sorting order out 27th September for delivery to our factory 3 weeks later.

Special price is 985, this includes VAT and transport costs to our factory, normal price is around 1350 plus transport. If you are interested e mail me so we can sort something out, please note the cut off date is 27th, payment can be made by credit card but you will need to add 3.4% if you wish to pay this way. Margins are very, very small!!!


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