A quick update. We originally planned this event for up to 30 craft. We now have 31 provisional entries and I believe there are a few more folk interested in coming who haven't told me yet. We've been working with the authorities to clear more space in the secure craft parking compound. As a result we can now accept a few more craft but some of the spaces are craft size dependant.

It's important therefore that anyone thinking of coming with a craft emails me directly on the address given on the website with details such as the size of your craft, are you coming all week or specific days, camping or not? We want to meet everyone's wishes and not have to turn late entrants away but this will need considerable planning. If you want to come and haven't emailed me directly yet please email me as soon as possible.

The website is http://www.whc2016.com/cruisingmain.htm

Happy hovering

Keith Oakley