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    This event has set yet another new record in the HCGB’s 50 year history - sadly it is now full and unfortunately new applicants will need to go on a waiting list. 40 craft have been signed up which means the craft paddock is full. We’re also reluctant to operate more than 40 craft at once because it will overstretch our safety arrangements and other logistics.

    I would still encourage people who want to take part to email me via the address on the website Some craft are not coming for the whole week. Once I’ve established with these owners which days they are coming I will have a clearer picture of which days slots are available and I’ll then be able to offer these to those on the waiting list.

    There is still plenty of space for camping so if you want to bring the family and other supporters along you’ll be more than welcome. We’d welcome racing folk to come along, maybe for a weekend, to see how the other half enjoy themselves. Again drop me an email.

    Because of the increased numbers we will need to beef up the cruise programme during the week. At our SE Branch meeting earlier this week we considered a number of options. Many of the cruise destinations simply can’t park 40 craft so we are likely to offer at least 2 parallel cruises per day to different locations. Any cruise will need to be split into multiple groups of about six craft, each with a leader who knows the area. We also discussed other options such as treasure hunts, which have been successful before, but we need to consider carefully risks such as novice craft, navigating on their own, falling into one of the Mudways many creeks.

    The high numbers will also force a reappraisal of exactly how we do our central London Thames Cruise at the end of the week. It isn’t safe to take that number of craft at once into central London, plus there isn’t parking capacity for the campers, cars, and trailers involved. More of this when we’ve done some more spadework!

    Keith Oakley
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