hi , ime not new to the club but have been dormant for many years ( decade ) been playing with hover craft locally for years , several eagles and odd thinks ect oh and a hoverhawk 118 ,

used to look after all the craft at hover-days near osweresty , as am engineer but i have never raced ,

well nows the time

i have just got hold of a tzr powered bbv no gb 1408 with a log book ,

am looking to come and race this year if i can , i understand i will be novice and will have to marshal for a while as well ,

so i am looking for advice and information on who to talk to , how to get my craft scrutineer-ed and how to register ,

and i believe i will have to take a handling test ,

i have been looking on the site here but am finding it hard to navigate as i think i am asking my self the wrong questions

if any one can help then i would appreciate it

thanks again ,,