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    Its been a while, I'm not very good at getting things rolling when it comes to starting forum (idle) chats.
    So here it goes.

    Another forum I post on very regularly and which does rather alot of (fairly) off the wall stuff, often has people starting games.
    As you can't of failed to have noticed, the nights are drawing in and not all of us are able to work on our craft in the evenings.
    This means we need a game.

    The name of this game is drawing.
    You can draw anything Hovercraft related, that is to say that it has to feature either hovercraft or parts thereof.
    Readers rides & drives is another thread.

    It dosn't have to be amazing, in fact it must have taken less than 1 hour and it has to be done use the most basic of tools. This is so that everybody gets a chance.
    I.E; MS paint if you are on a windows PC or the mac equivalent, whatever that may be.
    NO photoshop
    NO professional software
    Pen or pencil on paper or any other medium is fine. Then scan/photo and upload.
    It has to be by you, not your sign-writer mate.
    Children's paintings are acceptable but they must be credited as such.

    I'll start:
    The inspiration; saw this years ago when working for an aviation company. Thought it was a good idea.
    Name:  AOG.jpg
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Size:  24.9 KB

    The work: tried altering it with paint. Not amazing, but not bad for a person who can not draw anything that isn't in 1st angle projection, especially without a rule. Not to mention that I did this with a mouse. I do not posses a graphics tablet.
    Name:  hOG.jpg
Views: 82
Size:  25.5 KB

    The review; I couldn't get the angle right, it looks too side on and the scale isn't perfect.

    Second attempt using the Russian Zubr inspired 3-a-breast ducted fan idea.

    Name:  HOG - Zubr.jpg
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Size:  25.1 KB

    Review; in order to make it look more like a 45 degree angle, I have copied the taper from the original aeroplane version but now I think it looks too nose high.

    Lets see yours.
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