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Lee-on-the-Solent Cruise

12 September 2020

The British Hovercraft Company in association with the Hovercraft Museum invites you to their Lee-on-the-Solent Cruise. 

11am Launch from the Hovercraft Museum, the museum will also be open on the day and their collection available to view, including the last SRN4

Limited to 15 craft please info@britishhovercraft.com 01304 619820

Please note that this is not an official HCGB event so all craft operators need to have their own insurance in place.  Please read on for full event information:

Whilst we are hoping for good weather (this is English weather by the way) we can only judge on the
day and would be foolish to predict beforehand. With this in mind we are planning to launch from
the museum slipway and head to Fort Gilkicker with the intention to then head around to Gosport.
Should the weather be conducive we may have the opportunity to cross The Solent. This is “A Big IF”
as we all know The Solent can be even on a calm day some of the roughest water in the UK.
Should this not be available to us we would head back up The Solent as far as Hamble Common
Beach. With the return journey this would be covering over 30KM in one day – not a cruise to be
taken lightly.

Therefore we would ask that every one attending abide by the “terms & conditions” and make sure
to the best of your knowledge that your craft is capable of this journey. Whilst we have the support
vehicle available to us it is purely as support and not designed for rescue.

The Hovercraft Museum have been very kind in allowing us to use their facilities (parking & toilets)
and have allowed us entry on the day as part of the £10 fee (all monies go direct to The Hovercraft

BHC, whilst not accepting responsibility will also be available to assist in any repairs (to the best of
our knowledge and ability) should anyone need us too.

We look forward to a great hover event and hope to see you all soon. This will be the first of many
events held by BHC and all will be major events – The English Channel crossing for 2021, Race
meeting sponsorships, race team entries and sponsorships, Solent crossing(s) and even the crossing
of The Irish Sea.

Happy hovering
The British Hovercraft Company.


Lee on the Solent cruise conditions

 All participants must prove their insurance cover before the day by electronic mail or on the
day (This will only be kept on record for the day of the event).
 BHC accept no liability for any 3 rd parties’ actions that are against the briefing given on the
day of the cruise.
 Every craft owner is responsible for their own craft.
 The support vehicle is given as a support vehicle only and whilst will give every assistance
available we cannot accept responsibility for any participants craft.
 The Hovercraft Museum are purely a 3 rd party host and are not liable for any part of the
cruise other than hospitality. Parking whilst secure is still at owners’ risk.
 The crossing from the slipway is a public highway and as a group we will be safe with all
crossings but again it is down the owner in question to be responsible for their own safety
and assisting in any activities.
 Each participant will pay £10 of which all will go to The Hovercraft Museum as a thank you
for their hospitality and towards the upkeep of the museum. This can be paid in cash on the
day or in advance by card by contacting BHC.
 Every participant will be responsible for their own craft as well as their passenger(s). All
must abide by the government guidelines.
 Government guidelines are available at –
 This form must be completed by the day of the event and within keeping to GDPR (General
Data Protection Regulation) this form will be handed back to the owner on the day with no
records kept (as long as no issue should arise).

Name: _________________________________________
Date: __________________________________________
Insurance Provided: ______________________________
Craft Model: ____________________________________
Signed: ________________________________________

1) We often need several people to load/unload a trailer so careful choice of unloading team
members/spacing might be needed.
2) We can’t take out in our craft anyone who’s not from our household but a craft owner could allow
someone from another household to take their craft out on his/her own.
3) We need to minimise the risk of calling out rescue services by staying reasonably local and within
self help recovery distance. Please note there is a rescue vehicle jet ski) with us on the day.
4) We will be the only users of the slip as it is closed to the general public so there will be an
inspection at the end of the day and everyone will be responsible for helping make sure everything is
left immaculate.
5)There will be no toilet on the slipway but there will be open approx. 150m up the coast and this
will be highlighted on the day. We ask everyone to take care when using the facility and abide by
social distancing measures.
6) Parking will be on the slip and whilst it is not “secure” there will be no other vehicular access.
7) Whilst the plan to launch is for 11AM the return is scheduled for 4PM and this giving us an hour to
load and clear the slipway.
8) The hovercraft Museum have kindly offered us a discounted entry fee of £6pp on the day but
between 11AM launch and 4PM return I feel there will be little time to explore the museum on the
9) Everyone will be asked to please pay attention to the briefing on the day and above all…


12 September 2020
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