Arrive & Drive

Want to race but don’t have a hovercraft? With the Arrive & Drive experience you can race hovercraft hassle free!

Arrive & Drive is a one stop package for anyone wishing to try out hovercraft racing. The rental hovercraft will be an F50 race spec integrated craft suitable for adult novices up to 100kg. 

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Visit our race meetings calendar to for upcoming race events. 

£195 for 1 day

£325 for 2 days

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Price Includes:

  • Hovercraft rental
  • Race kit: Overalls, buoyancy aid, gloves
  • HCGB annual membership & novice racing license
  • Coaching & Technical support
  • Race entry fee and venue site fee
  • Fuel & Oil

Racer to provide:

  • Helmet to UK road legal specfication
  • Body Armour is recommended
  • Spare clothes is recommended
  • Food and drink (site facilities vary between venues)
  • Additional attendees at £20.50 each per day

Typical Day Programme

Hovercraft will be provided on site, fueled up, scrutineered and ready for operation. Each day will include a practice session and 2 Novice races. Debriefs, coaching, and opportunity to watch (and learn from) the other racing from the paddock will be available throughout the day, providing the full immersive Hovercraft race experience.

Day 1

Typical Programme (Saturday)

09:15 Briefing & Signing On                              

Craft familiarization and tuition

Driver Test

11:15 Practice session                                         

13:00 Race 1 session                                           

15:30 Race 2 session                                                

Day 2

Typical Programme (Sunday/Monday)

09:15 Briefing & Signing On                              

10:50 Practice session                                        

12:00 Race 1 session                                          

14:45 Race 2 session                                          


Please contact Daniel Turnbull for more information and to arrange your Arrive & Drive experience!

 Contact for more information

terms & conditions

Please refer to Competitor signing on sheet for medical requirements of drivers.

Participation will be dependent on the passing of the driver test.

Damage incurred to the hovercraft may be charged.

HCGB race entry fees include insurance that is 3rd party only and does not cover and personal injury to the participant. Please contact the HCGB insurance officer for more information:

Photography credit: Mike Cook and Guy Roberts