HCGB Techtalks

Techtalks have evolved to become a useful vehicle for worldwide information exchange amongst hovercraft experts. – but this was the original scheme for the Covid-19 lockdown :

In this time when we can’t meet physically we’ve set up a way to meet virtually. The HCGB is holding a series of weekly video sessions, focussing on a different hover-techy subject each week.  We are also holding parallel weekly video sessions specifically for juniors. As a service to the hovercraft community worldwide non HCGB members are welcome to join in.

Each week a new techtalk will be available on the HCGB Youtube channel from tuesday evenings at 2000 (British Summer Time) . Then on thursday evenings, at 2015 BST there will be an interactive Zoom meeting where you ask questions of the presenter and discuss the presentation generally.

For the junior techtalks an A4 quiz sheet is emailed out to juniors on mondays each week for them to work on at home and on the thursday they all get together to go through the answers etc on their own interactive Zoom meeting at 1600 BST

My thanks to Ross Hammond for his considerable help in setting this up and to Rob Trussler for running the junior techtalks.

Keith Oakley

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By charlie / Administrator on Jan 14, 2021